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Call For Proposals - Study Visits and Study Seminars For Groups Of Foreign Students To Germany 2023/24

Goals of the Programme

  1. To establish and cultivate contact between German and foreign universities.
  2. To impart subject-related knowledge by arranging corresponding visits at not less than two German universities.
  3. Encourage subject-specific contact with German student and researchers.

This programme contributes to the construction and intensification of international exchange and cooperation in the long run.

Ecological Sustainability

The aim is to plan and implement projects in a way that project resources, the climate and environment

Eligible Actions

  1. Funding can be provided for Study Visits of students who are enrolled in their second semester or higher in a degree programme
  2. Funding can be provided for Study Seminars and practicals of students who are enrolled in their second semester or higher in a degree programme

Groups must be made up of at least 10 participants and must not as a rule exceed 15 persons. One university teacher has to accompany the group and may be additionally funded. Participants must be proficient in German or in English.


Study Visits-Mobility Funded Participants

Mobility lump sum (international travel costs) cannot be covered for groups from the following countries:

  1. EU countries
  2. Groups from other countries: A mobility lump sum will be paid per person mobility lump sum is due-on the first day of travel and must be verified by a lost of participants signed by the participants.

DAAD pays a lump sum of 50 euros per person and day.


The funding is carried out by fixed-sum financing.

Duration of funding

Funding starts from March 01, 2023 at the earliest and ends no later than February 29, 2024. Study visits and Study Seminars should no last no less than 7 days. Funding is available for a maximum of 12 days (including travel days).


Opened to all disciplines.


Student enrolled in their second semester, or higher composed of that maximum number of students (15 students plus one university teacher) maximum amount of 12 days and the lump sum.

Eligible Applicants

Applications are open to University teachers from public and state-recognised German universities or from foreign universities.


Application has to be completed and submitted online via the DAAD portal (

Application documents

  • Application form
  • Financial plan
  • List of participants
  • Project description
  • Schedule
  • Proof of contacts

Application deadline

  • February 01 for trips between June 01 and August 31 (DAAD decision in mid-April)
  • May 01 for trips between September 01 and February 28 of the following year (DAAD decision in mid July)
  • November 01 for trips between March 01 and May 31 (DAAD decision in mid-January).

Selection Criteria

  • Plausibility of the project application
  • Quality of the programme itinerary
  • Language skills
  • Contentual preparation
  • Binding character of the proofs of contacts
  • Relation subject-related cultural proportion
  • Encounter and exchange with German students and scientists


  • Email:
  • Phone: 0228882656